Pre-Surgery Tips From Medical Staff


Whether it is a simple surgery, such as having your wisdom teeth or tonsils out, or something more complicated, like open heart surgery, there are steps you can take to make surgery easier on yourself.  Being informed and feeling in control can help you reduce the stress of surgery.  Follow these pre-surgery tips from medical staff to make your surgery experience go more smoothly.

Follow Guidelines

During your pre-op consult you will be given instructions.  These instructions will most likely include when to stop eating and drinking before surgery.  It is very important that you follow these instructions.  Failure to do so can result in having your surgery rescheduled, for your own safety.

Personal Hygiene

Do bathe before coming to the hospital for your surgery.  Many times you will be given a special soap to cleanse with.  However, you can wash your hair and face with products you would normally use.

Bring Help for Outpatient Surgery

If you are having an outpatient procedure, be sure to bring someone with you.  This person can assist you to the vehicle and drive you home.  You should not drive yourself after having any kind of surgical procedure.

Skip the Valuables

Whenever possible, leave all of your valuables at home.  Jewelry, cash, and credit cards have no place in the hospital.  The hospital staff cannot be responsible for any valuables that become missing during your stay.  If you must bring a valuable with you, leave it with your support person.

Comfort, not Fashion

On the day of your surgery, go for comfort not fashion.  Your clothing should be comfortable and loose fitting.  A shirt that buttons down the front is best, as well as lose, easily removable pants.  Do not wear any jewelry, including body piercing jewelry.  Do not use any lotion, gels, powders, deodorants, or hairsprays on the day of your surgery.  Do not wear any metal, such as bobby pins, hair clips, or beads.  Bring any storage containers for glasses, hearing aids, contact lenses, or dentures.

Surgery can be a time of great stress.  However, being prepared and knowing what to expect can make your surgical day go smoother.

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