Your Guide To Recovering From A Heart Attack


‘Once bitten, twice shy’ — this is applicable to a lot of heart attack patients because the experience of going through a heart attack is quite traumatizing. In fact, one out of every four patients to have survived a heart attack feels scared, angry or depressed for a considerable amount of time before returning to normalcy again.

During the first week when you’re back in your house from your hospital stay you will feel extremely weak and tired. This is quite normal because heart attack can cause a lot of damage to the muscles in your heart. Moreover, excessive bedrest in the hospital is also responsible for making you feel exhausted and tired. During this period, try to engage in light walking and climbing of stairs and pace yourself by spreading your activities during the course of the day. Avoid lifting or pushing heavy objects and obey your doctor’s advice diligently.

Just as your body is physically coping up with the trauma of having a heart attack, your mind is doing the same too, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Avoid staying in bed all day as it will only make you more depressed or restless. Take a walk daily in order to refresh your mind and resume social activities and hobbies that you like. You can also join a support group or share your feelings with your loved ones.

It is important to pay close attention to your diet if you want to prevent heart attacks or other heart diseases from occurring in the future. Include more whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables in your diet. As for fat calories, choose them wisely because you don’t want to pile on the calories and block your heart once again. It is also necessary to consume a variety of protein foods and limit the consumption of dietary cholesterol. Ingest a limited amount of simple carbohydrates in your body and consume complex carbohydrates in order to generate energy in your body.

As for sexual activities when recovering from a heart attack, you are the best judge for this matter. Sexual intercourse is quite energy demanding, and is equivalent to a brisk walk of 0.8 km or climbing two flight of stairs. Thus, you should engage in it only if you are physically fit and well rested.

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