What Are The Most Expensive Elective Surgeries?


Nowadays, doctors are routinely called upon to perform surgery not for health reasons but for cosmetic purposes. These procedures are popular among men and women alike. Among the most expensive elective surgeries are:

Pectoral Augmentation

The pectoral muscles are those that cover most of the chest body. The common misconception is that only women are concerned with this part of the body but many from both genders actually aim to enhance their chest. Men usually avail of this procedure to get a more beefy look without having to lift a lot of weights.


One of the telltale signs of aging is sagging skin on the face. This is particularly prominent on areas around the cheeks and neck. Wrinkles start to appear and fine lines get deeper. Some people describe it as looking that the face is falling down. It is only fitting then that the procedure to turn back the clock is called “facelift”. Excess fats are removed and the skin is pulled for a tighter look.

Knee Lift

The area above the knee can also start to sag for people with excess weight and advanced age. There is nothing with this unless it makes walking uncomfortable. Knee lift involves cutting through the knee and removing the saggy mass at the top. It takes time to heal from this procedure so it should be followed with a long period of rest and limited mobility.

Brow Lift

The forehead and the eyebrows have not escaped the cosmetic surgeon’s hands. Although Botox remains to be the trendy way of achieving instant lift, it is a temporary solution and there are side effects that some are not keen on. The brow lift is more of a long-term solution to wrinkles but it still isn’t a guaranteed permanent fix.

Calf Augmentation

For body builders looking for that edge, calf augmentation has become an attractive proposition. These muscles are notoriously difficult to work on at the gym and so surgery has become an alternative.

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