Guide For Packing A Hospital Bag For Expectant Mothers


Once you reach week 36 of your pregnancy, it’s the appropriate time to have your hospital bag packed. Make sure to pack all the essentials you will need during labor, birth and post birth. Even if you are planning a home birth, be prepared to go in to hospital. Different hospitals have different rules and policies regarding what you are allowed to bring with you. Some of them may allow you to bring pillows and other personal belongings to make your more comfortable, however, you should bare in mind that these medical facilities usually have limited space. Some women choose to pack 2 bags for hospital.

What Your Hospital Bag Should Contain?

A dressing gown is an essential item during labor and also post delivery. Bare in mind that hospitals are warm places and a light gown would be adequate for you. Slipper that are easy to put on and get off are also very handy, especially those that are backless. Socks can help to keep your feet warm during labor and after birth as well. Wear a night dress or old T-shirt during labor as this will most likely get messy and it is not really worth the effort or money buying a new night dress to use during labor. If you would like to be massaged during labor, carry massage oil or lotion in your bag. Lip balm should be included in your hospital bag necessities and so should a birth ball to help the process along. Carry snacks and drinks with you to have whilst in labor. You may choose to drink isotonic sports drinks or have some glucose tablets to give you added energy. Other essentials that you may choose to take along include magazines, books, tablet PC’s and other items to help you pass the time. Hairbands and clips will come in handy if you have long hair as you will want to tie it up and carrying extra pillows should make you more comfy while you are in labor and after birth as well.

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