Facts And Myths Regarding Organ Donation

476333591Organ failure can be caused by a wide range of issues, including; physical trauma, medical conditions and drug abuse among other things. Unfortunately, there are very few people who are willing to get involved in organ donation. In the United States, it is estimated that five new names are added to the national transplant list every hour. While the demand for organ donation may be high, the supply is limited. Currently there are over 123,000 people who are waiting for an organ donation, of which 21 die every day for lack of an organ transplant. This translates to around 6,500 deaths every year due to shortage of organ donations. This can be blamed on misinformation and myths. The following are some of the most popular myths as well as the truth about organ donation and transplant.

Myth 1: Physical defects, age and illness can prevent me from donating an organ.

Fact: Medical practitioners usually evaluate the general condition of organs and tissues to determine their viability. That said, individuals who have serious illnesses, like cancer, are encouraged to join the national donor registry.

Myth 2: Doctors will not work hard enough to save my life if they know my name is one the donor registry.

Fact: The man objective of any doctor is to save life, so you are their top priority. In fact, the issue of organ donation cannot be discussed before you have been pronounced dead. Organ donors should also take comfort in the fact that the doctors and nurses who will be treating them are not involved in recovery or transplanting of organs.

Myth 3: You can move to the top of the waiting list if you are rich or famous.

Fact: There is no truth in this statement. Doctors consider numerous factors when placing patients on the waiting list. They include; condition of the patient, blood type, time spent waiting and match potential. Money or fame have nothing to do with anything as far as organ donation is concerned.

Now that these myths have been busted, you may consider becoming an organ donor.

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9 thoughts on “Facts And Myths Regarding Organ Donation

  1. This is one of the most difficult things to help people understand. It is a subject that needs to be talked about before there is a fatal accident, the family member dies from a terminal disease, or another unexpected disaster happens. In the midst of losing a loved one, emotions run to high and it is difficult to hear that someone wants to take a piece of that person that you love so dearly. The discussion should be early, such as when you decide to have your wishes put on your license. A great time to tell your loved ones that it your wish to donate your organs. It is also a way to open your family’s minds to the idea for themselves. Thank you for putting the word out about organ donation! ❤️ I am going to reblog!

  2. For years I said that I would be an organ donor but for some reason I changed my mind not wanting to go into the “afterlife” if there is such a thing, with any of my bit missing. Now I shall once again carry the card that says harvest away, mind you, I’m not sure what good any of my organs would do anyone nowadays…!

  3. I have been on bone marrow donor for years. One call came to be matched and it was to late for a seventeen year old boy. Simple test to register. They give you steroids and take T- cells. No painful stuff.

  4. I love this article, I am a donor while I’m heard all of these things and then some I ignored them all. Sad that only 5 names are added per hour, why? What are you going to do with your parts when you pass on anyway and wouldn’t it be more comforting for your family to know a part of you is living on in someone else?

  5. This hits so close to home because I have a brother on the kidney transplant list. He is a veteran and a great person. I requested to be his living donor, but have high blood pressure. Working on my b/p for my brother and myself.

  6. Great post. I will keep these in mind for a site I’m writing for that has me writing for wellness. If you’re ever up for being quoted, email me!

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