The Use Of Surgical Instruments And Medical Devices

surgical instrumentSurgical instruments come in a large variety to help the surgeon during surgery as well as help medical staff perform other medical procedures. There are certain types of surgical instruments that are made for surgery while other instruments can be used for medical procedures that are not surgical in nature.

The most common is the surgical scalpels used for the sole purpose of making incisions in the patient’s body. The next most needed medical device is the forceps, which is used to hold open the part of the body opened by the scalpel so the surgeon can do the necessary surgery.

Most other surgical instruments are designed to perform the different types of surgery needed by the patient. The surgical instrument is usually designed specifically for the type of surgery being performed by the surgeon. The surgeon usually selects the size and shape that he personally prefers to use.

Just about all medical devices have a long history with the science of surgery and were probably first created back in the stone ages. Today the instruments are modernized with different types of metals, sizes, and shapes. This enables the surgeon to select the right surgical instrument that works with his hands in performing the necessary surgery.

The fact that many different surgical instruments are on the market today helps the surgeon with a wide range of surgical problems encountered by the patients. The ability for the surgeon to perform a wide range of surgeries or handle a difficult problem that could occur during surgery has greatly been improved because of the many medical devices on the market today.

Today the most popular surgical instrument is the scalpel because it is needed to make the first incision in the patient in order to start the surgical procedure. The use of the laser has helped to replace some uses of the scalpel. The surgical scalpel is small but it is very sharp. The blade that goes into the scalpel is easily replaced when needed.

The next most needed surgical instrument used by the surgeon is the forceps, which is used to help the surgeon grasp the things that the hands are unable to do. The forceps are used to grasp the different tissues in the patient’s body while the surgeon is performing the different aspect of the surgery. Even though there are many different types of forceps, they all have the same functions in performing the surgery.

There are different types of medical devices used at the end of the surgery like the sealing devices. The use of a surgical stapler has proven to be more effective than the traditional suturing. The patient has less chance of problems with the closed incision.

Quality Operating Room Instruments

Health care providers such as hospitals and clinics across most major cities and states do require to be furnished with all the important equipment and supplies necessary to provide quality treatment. These are usually procured from companies that manufacture them or those that stock and distribute these important products. They need to be delivered in good time, on schedule and in the correct amount. They also need to get there in the right amounts and in good condition at all times so that they can be used as desired.

The hospital administration will normally be responsible for ordering the equipment and it is impossible that they conduct the procurement with the advice and guidance from the medical staff so they may liaise and find out which medical items are most in need. Some could be drugs and medicines, others could be implements while even many others could be regular or ordinary equipment used at hospitals and similar facilities. These are usually procured from companies that manufacture them or those that stock and distribute these important products. They need to be delivered in good time, on schedule and in the correct amount.

There are some specialized equipment needed in some hospital facilities. For example, there are operating room instruments that are needed for operations within the theater. These operating room instruments are those needed by surgeons and their assistants as well as specialists. They need these when conducting operations on their patients in order to help improve their health. To find out which instruments are most in need, a regular scheduled stock taking needs to be conducted so as to determine the needs of the theater.

Some of these instruments may include Storz instruments. Modern surgery processes also include the use of medical camera. A medical camera can be used to take images of certain parts of a patient and then transmitting these so they are made available in the shortest time possible to a specialist at a distant location. Ensuring that surgery instruments and other operating room instruments are available is absolutely essential. They need to be delivered in good time, on schedule and in the correct amount. They also need to get there in the right amounts and in good condition at all times so that they can be used as desired.

Health care centers and facilities are absolutely essential in providing the necessary care to patients. In remote areas where there are no specialists and only a general doctor, information can be transmitted digitally to specialists who will then advice on the best way to proceed with certain medical procedures. This will help save the lives of patients because help can be transmitted electronically to the patients who need it at the locations where they are.

Different Types Of Surgical Instruments

There are many different types of medical devices that doctors use when they perform surgery. Read on to find out what some of the most commonly used surgical instruments are.


Forceps is a very common surgical instrument that has a wide range of uses. Forceps are used to control bleeding, hold human tissue open, extract objects from the body and to suture wounds. The medical device comes in many different sizes and there are different types of forceps, with each one serving a different purpose. Forceps have two movable handles and they are made out of metal. Doctors use forceps to grip things that they cannot grip with their hands.


One of the most commonly used surgical instruments is a scalpel. Doctors use this medical device when they need to make an incision during surgery. Scalpels are small but they are very sharp. Scalpels are typically made of alloy.

Surgical Staples

A surgical staple is used to close wounds that range from skin incisions to bowel resections. Most surgeons use surgical staplers to close wounds because it is one of the most effective methods.


A retractor is a medical device that is similar to forceps, but a retractor is used to hold back underlying tissues and organs. Surgeons also use a retractor when they need to separate the edges of an incision. Just like forceps, retractors come in many different shapes, sizes and styles, and they are used in different types of surgical procedures. Some of the most commonly used retractors are hand held retractors, tissue retractors, cheek retractors and rake retractors.

Surgical Clamps

Surgical clamps are used by surgeons when they need to cut off blood flow or other types of fluids while they are performing surgery. Not only do surgeons use clamps, but EMTs and paramedics will use them too when they are in the field. Clamps also come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Some clamps are meant to be used for specific procedures and the shape of the tip of the clamp will usually determine what it can be used for.

Suction Tips And Tubes

Suctions tips and tubes are designed for removing fluids from the body. Sometimes surgeons will need to remove some bodily fluids from their patient’s body, and that is when they use suction tips and tubes.

Other Types Of Medical Devices

There are other types of surgical devices that surgeons use, such as lancets, trocars, drill bits and rasps. All of these devices are mechanical cutters and fall into the same category as scalpels. Surgical scissors are similar to forceps but scissors are specifically meant for cutting hard and thick tissue.

There are many other types of instruments but the above are some of the most common ones found in the operating room.